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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

With the growing world, the requirements of the human beings are increasing. These requirements are met through our applications in terms of technology. The most important and impressive development wing of our organisation is the Mobile Application Development (MAD). Mobile applications plays a very important role in one's life, since no one likes to get concise themselves to one place, people enjoy technology when it is available to them anywhere at any time.

LOGIC PROG TECHNOLOGY(Logicp) was among the first few companies to recognize and understand the Android application which is one of our core strengths. LOGIC PROG TECHNOLOGY(Logicp) provides Android stockpile features and development services.From gaming to online shopping, from accounting to resource management and the list do not seem to end ever and ever. All of these e-luxuries are usually accessible on a push-button platform of phones and wireless gadgets.With the introduction of social media in our lives, mobile applications have gained much fame in the world of mobile technology. Organisations from across the world are using mobile apps to enhance their promotion and spread to the crowds in an economical and effective manner.

Either be iPhone, Android, Microsoft, Symbian or any, we have tried our hands at all and have done impressive work for our clients giving them an incredible experience with mobile applications.Android app development is based on the latest Android SDK and Android Framework for compact, easy-to-download and speedily executable apps for both smart phones and tablets.If you are looking to have a unique presence in the open source world, then you require an application that is both robust and scalable.

We offer the mobile applications development in the following fields Business/Office Application, Communication Application, Multimedia Application, Security Application, Web based Application,Location based Application and Entertainment Application